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The True Light Performance™ Diamond is the world's top diamond rated highest in light performance.

Give Her the Best

ECOFIRE® is the premier engagement diamond choice.

True Light Performance™ is a premium collection of expertly curated diamonds, then cut to A Perfect 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows using our patented facet design, creating a masterful achievement & setting this exquisite diamond apart.

A luxury diamond engagement concierge.

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The brighter they are, the bigger they look

TrueLight® Performance maximizes every facet of your premium cut diamond, making it appear much larger in size.

3 Carat

Almost too big to handle

2 Carat

A dream come true

1 Carat

Camera ready and the perfect look

Engagement Ring Styles

Either way it's beautiful.


A statement for every occasion and styles for everyone.

With an ever-evolving catalog of classic to modern styles, ranging from basic to luxury and everything from signature keepsakes to the latest trends.

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From relaxing everyday wear styles to glamorous unforgettable looks, there's many a compelling option.

Complete the look

Mix, match & stack your everyday pieces.

Pave ID Tag Ring.

Pave ID Tag Ring

Regular price $809.00 $487.00

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Hexagon Pave Bangle.

Hexagon Pave Bangle

Regular price $2,439.00 from $1,467.00

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Folded Pave Shape Signet Ring.

Folded Pave Shape Signet Ring

Regular price $1,849.00 from $1,107.00

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Diamond Hand Chain Bracelet.

Diamond Hand Chain Bracelet

Regular price $799.00 $487.00

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