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The Bigger the Hoop, The Better the Outfit

Disclaimer: This entire blog is not about hoop earrings. Sadly. BUT hoops are the reason I fell in love with wearing earrings.

I love jewelry. I have always loved jewelry, but I was never into earrings. I would layer necklaces and bracelets. I even had a toe-ring phase (yuck), but never earrings. I didn’t have any reason not to wear them. I just didn’t. That is, until my mom gave me a pair of ECOMARK® hoop earrings. I would say they’re a medium-sized hoop. They’re gold with some sparkle. I’ll link them at the end of the blog so you can check them out. They’re simple but fun and they go with basically any outfit. I started by wearing them out. Then with cute athleisure outfits. Then with dressier outfits. Y’all they go with everything. So now, I, the person who has always felt very “meh” about earrings, wear them every single day.

So, let’s back up. The thing about jewelry is that different styles appeal to different people. I prefer dainty and more simple pieces. My mom prefers statement pieces. Both are GREAT, but we like different things. I think it’s safe to say that people who read this blog will have different styles. Now that I am an earring connoisseur, I teamed up with my mom to make a list of a few different styles of earrings, and basic descriptions of each to help you love earrings too, and figure out how to style them.


  1. Teardrop

Teardrop earrings are fairly self-explanatory. They have a little piece, or several pieces, that dangle, and are in the shapes of teardrops. They are a very popular style for weddings. I wore a pair of ECOMARK®’s teardrop earrings for my wedding. They’re beautiful and elegant. Teardrop earrings come in different styles, but I would say they are best styled with date-night casual to dressy outfits. Basically, I wouldn’t wear them with athleisure.

  1. Stud

Studs are so versatile. You can get studs shaped like a dog, or diamond studs. You can even get diamond studs shaped like dogs. Amazing, I know. Basically, you can buy studs for any style of outfit. Our lab-grown diamond studs are my personal favorite, and can be worn with your favorite work-out outfit, or on a date night. If you are like me and have your ears pierced in more than one spot, you can wear studs with the other styles of earrings.

  1. Statement

Statement earrings, kind of like teardrop earrings, are not for every outfit. The name sums them up pretty well. They are best to make a statement! Per my mom’s advice, they are great if you are dressing up and are looking to make a STATEMENT. They dangle and are usually pretty intricate. They are again, not a style to be worn with your favorite hoodie and sweatpants, but they are the perfect style for going on a date night or to an event.

  1. Hoops

I saved the best for last. Let’s talk about hoops. Now I am obviously a little bit biased when it comes to hoops. They were my first true (earring) love. I wear them with every style of outfit. Always channeling my inner J-LO, I love to wear them with cute athleisure. Hoops come in every size possible. Like the title of this blog, the bigger the hoop the better the outfit. BUT if you prefer more simple and dainty pieces, like me, small hoops in a simple silver or gold, or with a little bit of sparkle, are perfect. Hoops are versatile and come in different styles of their own, so there is really a hoop for everyone.

I hope this blog gives you a little bit of guidance on what earrings to wear when. If you’re like I used to be, and you aren’t too sure about earrings, I encourage you to pick something simple like my dainty hoops and try them out! You might just turn into a crazy earring lady like me. Channel your inner J-LO and buy those hoops girl.

My favorite ECOMARK® hoops (thanks mom):


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