Our mission is to provide a well-designed, scientifically identical, cultivated lab-grown alternative to natural diamonds without impacting environmental issues.  Our vision goes beyond diamonds.  We are committed to providing exquisite jewelry without compromising our principles, as we strive to minimize the ecological footprint of each piece.

Ethical Enthusiasm

Principled in our beliefs that cultivating lab created diamonds is a responsible choice in jewelry production because it makes mining unnecessary.  We believe in encouraging change that supports sustainability and ethical choices, as we are sensitive to environmental and humanitarian concerns about mining.

Cultural Mindfulness

It is our hope with ECOMARK® to raise awareness that will ignite conversations about environmental issues, and ultimately to encourage a more sustainable planet.  With our responsible practices we hope to lead to a greater appreciation for and consciousness toward the protection of our planet.  Our ecologically mindful lab grown diamond origins are designed to help promote a culture of sustainability. We do not need to scour the Earth for diamonds any longer, as science now offers a scientifically identical lab diamond alternative.