10 Reasons to Propose This Valentine's Day - With a BONUS Inspiration You Can't Miss!

10 Reasons to Propose This Valentine's Day - With a BONUS Inspiration You Can't Miss!

I am more excited than usual, and you should be too. This is groundbreaking, earth-shattering, potential matrimonial-making bliss!

This is going to cover a wide range of couples from all relationship stages and all walks of life, so just remember... Different strokes for different folks.

If you can't relate to one of my amazing reasons, then it's not meant for you. Move down the list.

My hope, ney, my mission is to reach one fella who's on the brink - on the precipice, if you will - and inspire him to take that leap.

Without further adieu, here are my incredibly profound, awesome, wise beyond my years, super-duper deep, reasons to propose this Valentine's Day:


Reason #1

Although it hasn't been all that long, when you know you know. And you already KNOW in your heart that she's it. Life is short, no guarantees of tomorrow, yadda, yadda, yadda, we've all heard that mantra. But that's because it's true. Proposing when you haven't been together quite long enough is wildly romantic and it will begin your adventure with the happiest girl you can possibly imagine! Brownie points for life, I assure you. This is one future wifey that will never lose her girlish crush on you. Instant hero, are you. Can you feel the excitement already?! I'm bursting for you!

Reason #2

Reason number 1 immediately parlays into reason number 2. They should be hyphenated or something. Idk. But for those of you doubters and those who still have reservations about popping the question after all my hype, I say this... Go for it anyway, for all the reasons of #1, with the #2 reason - that's why they invented divorce. Boo, you say. How negative! Men want reality, statistics, don't sugar coat it. Well, I'm not. Marriages fail. We don't set out to destroy our love and life-plans, but it happens. If it fails, you won't ever have to wonder "what if?". Just get a divorce, and move forward. Odds are, we will all have a failed marriage in our lifetime, and second marriages have better odds (I'm guessing). We've learned a thing or three dozen by the second time around. It's not romantic, I know. So don't get caught up in the negativity. Just know you aren't trapped for life. So RELAX. Plus, prenups are must-have these days. If she loves you and you blew her away by a surprise, romantic proposal this Valentine's Day, she will sign in a heartbeat. If not, bullet dodged.

Which leads me into the next reason...

Reason #3

You can return your engagement ring for a full refund, hassle-free! If she won't sign that prenup or if she says "no" (she won't, though), or if she wants a style more suited for her, just return it! No problem. Each store has different specifications on that, so read the fine print and order from a company you trust.

Reason #4

Even better than the return policy, is the lifetime upgrade guarantee. You can trade-in your purchase at any time in the future, towards the purchase of another piece of jewelry (doesn't even have to be a ring). You'll receive the purchase price amount you paid as credit towards another purchase. Each store has different specifications on that, so, again, read the fine print and order from a company you trust, like ECOMARK®!

Reason #5

All rings are HALF price through Valentine's Day! That's 50% OFF rings as well as our entire catalog! Sweet as sugar, except your wallet won't get sticky, or empty.

Reason #6

Proposing this Valentine's Day to the one you love won't just be a commitment to your future, buying lab-grown diamonds is a better choice for your future grandchildren. We can all leave a legacy of sustainability and our planet Earth better than we found it if we all do our part. As if you needed them after proposing on Valentine's Day, but proposing with a lab diamond will send any Earth-smart girl over the moon. I see endless backrubs in your future!

Reason #7

You won't have to get her anything else for Valentine's Day. Not even a card. No flowers. Nothing. For reals. Fact.

Reason #8

She'll appreciate that her gift is calorie-free! You're being considerate of her health AND her heart!!!

Reason #9

You've made her wait long enough. For shame. So long, in fact, that she won't be expecting it at all. So now is the PERFECT time to redeem yourself! Just do it.

Reason #10

I bet you can't think of 10 good reasons NOT to propose this Valentine's Day.

If you can, I'd LOVE to hear them. So post below.

Otherwise, order that ring! And have the happy lady post me a ring-shot! We'll post photos to our social media!!! 

OH YA! I nearly forgot. Not really.

BONUS Reason #11 why you should propose on Valentine's Day, guys.....
It's just the proposal! It's not the wedding. Weddings usually take years to plan. Just because you propose doesn't mean you'll be getting married anytime soon. Come on, fellas. Think about it. It's just a little proposal!

Now go, have a happy life!


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