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A Sustainable New World... How Can I Do More?

How do I be a sustainable shopper in a consumer-driven economy? How do I make a difference? Can I really make a difference? How do I know if a company is actually sustainable? My favorite companies aren’t sustainable. Should I still support them?


I hear a lot of talk about sustainable consumerism. People have a lot of questions. I don’t have all the answers, but after two years of trying my best to practice sustainable consumerism, I’m here to help.


Being a sustainable consumer can be tricky. Fast fashion is trending. It’s everything. From Zara to Forever 21, people are buying fast fashion like crazy. Because it’s fast fashion, it’s disposed of quickly, leading to increased waste in landfills. We live in a consumer-driven economy, and sustainable companies can be hard to find but they are there! Once I started researching companies and businesses that practice sustainability I was honestly shocked at how many there were. You can find anything from a sustainable jeweler to a sustainable candle shop. You just have to look.


You can absolutely make a difference! Everything starts with doing your research. Find businesses that are making a difference. Find businesses that are doing more. Support those businesses! Shopping sustainable is a huge step in making a difference.


Finding out if a company truly practices sustainability is simple! Research them! Some companies might claim to follow sustainable practices on their website. This does not necessarily mean they follow them and don’t leave a negative footprint. Do your research outside of the company’s website. Look up reviews. Google the company along with world sustainability. Find answers! They’re out there. You just have to look for them.


I struggled with this last question for a long time. I still do, to be honest. I love several companies that do not practice sustainability. My answer to this is- try. Start by cutting out one business you are currently supporting that isn’t practicing sustainability. Maybe it’s the grocery store you shop at? Research comparable ones that are practicing sustainability. Just try! Start small. Start with one store, and work from there.


I challenge you to support one sustainable business today, and set a goal to stop shopping at one that doesn’t practice sustainability! We can make a difference! Let’s do this!

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