Your Secret Power & 4 Reasons to Make a Change

Your Secret Power & 4 Reasons to Make a Change

Did you know, jewelry has power? And no, I’m not referring to healing or stone meanings.

(We can blog about that later. Comment below if you’d like to read more about stone energies!)


The power I want to discuss is, choosing the right jewelry has the power to transform the way you look and feel in an entire outfit. The simplest stud earrings or dainty minimalist ring can skyrocket your confidence like nothing else.


Of course, I’m talking about performance jewelry. Jewelry of fine quality crafted to outperform under everyday wear and tear.


There’s nothing worse than a broken bangle, or a missing earring, or discovering a tarnished ring that’s left skin smudges on your fingers halfway through you daily routine. Who feels good about showing off a pendant that’s missing stones and lost its sparkle? Is there anything grosser or more embarrassing (jewelry-wise) than the repelling odor of smelly cheap metal jewelry? (Vomit emoji!)


The trend-setting fashion industry has brought about a culture of repeat buying of poorly made jewelry that gets tossed out after a few wears. That’s bad for the environment, and it’s bad for your confidence.


When I added up all the cash I spent over the years endlessly rebuying earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings because they were cheap and readily available in the latest style trends, I realized some things.


  1. With that sum of money, I could have afforded all the beautiful fine jewelry I desire.


  1. I could have paid for it over time with those easy installment-pay options because let’s face it, we don’t all have upfront disposable income to spend on ourselves.


  1. Had I picked quality jewelry with gleam and shine, I would have looked better. I would have felt so much better about my appearance, and it would have been noticed!


  1. And lastly, if I had bought better, I would have been contributing to sustainability rather than consumption. And there is no better feeling than conscience buying with purpose.


Take back your power like I did. Transform the way you look and feel by picking the right kind of jewelry!

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