Once upon a time, in a land called California,

three prominent fine jewelry leaders forged an alliance with a singular vision—

Environmental Sustainability at the Heart of Operations.

With that in mind, and 30 years of industry experience to guide them, the story of ECOMARK® began.



Our Motto:

To shape industry rules of behavior as a leader in the production of responsibly sourced diamonds by eliminating the need for mining.

We proudly engineer a lab-grown diamond alternative. Because we cultivate, design and manufacture each piece, this enables us to pass valuable savings to our customers.  ECOMARK® loyalty members trust our integrity, ethical and quality assurance standards.

As a sustainable-minded, global company, we do not claim to have all the answers.  But we are confident in our beliefs, and we keep is simple. 

We don’t need to study and debate all the history and scientific data behind diamond mining to believe, "It’s a no, no.".

We don’t yet know to what degree of impact lab diamond creation will have on the Earth.  Those answers will take time, and the collective wisdom here at ECOMARK® confidently await the results of what our responsible choices will bring

Until then, the demand for beautiful fine jewelry will remain, and with ECOMARK®, you will never have to sacrifice your beliefs for aesthetics

It is our belief that jewelry of pure luxury should be free of both ecological and humanitarian concerns