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Listen up, fellas! When women say size matters, we are talking about diamonds. Fact.

I can't speak for the entire female gender, of course. But let's start by taking a tally of the thumbs-up comments collected for this blog.  Ladies, what say you? Would you agree that size matters, in reference to diamonds, that is?

Now then, not all men are born with large wallets. But that doesn't mean he can't satisfy his woman's needs and desires for big diamonds.  In fact, one could argue that because of the invention of laboratory-grown diamonds, the excuse to present your love with a tiny diamond ring is an extinct concept. It's become difficult to even make the argument to wait to get engaged until a ring can be afforded.  

What am I talking about?  Haven't you heard? No problem.  I'll explain it.

1.  In the beginning, man mined the earth for diamonds.
2.  As the years went by, younger generations discovered that our planet and it's people were suffering and being destroyed by things like diamond mining, thus, sustainability was born.

3.  Soon after, brilliant scientists discovered that they could duplicate the exact process in which nature created diamonds (over millions of years) by replicating it in a laboratory, speeding up the process to only a matter of months.  Amazing.

4.  Even more impressive, when compared to naturally mined diamonds formed in the earth, those speedy lab diamonds are indistinguishable and scientifically identical.  They are also nearly inclusion free, with radiant color.

5.  Manufacturers, like ECOMARK Diamonds, started making more ethically responsible business practices and started putting sustainability at the heart of operations.  They said farewell to mining diamonds and began cultivating synthetic, lab-grown diamonds that they could drastically reduce in price from natural diamonds.  

6.  The world became sustainable and diamond mining was extinct and women everywhere were satisfied. 

Ok, ok, number 6 is my prediction.  But 1-5, all fact.

Science can't tell the difference between lab diamonds and mined diamonds.

Ethics can.

Your wallet can.

Still not convinced? 

It's like this, guys..... 

Would you like me to buy you an older model vehicle that has some flaws, the color is dull and it won't pass an emissions test, but because it's a classic it is still a high dollar purchase?

Or would you rather have a shining new 2020 model electric SUV, fully loaded, top of the line? 

Tiny old junker that pollutes the air or huge beautiful, eco-friendly beast?

Let me guess...50/50 split on that answer? Lol.

Just trust me when I say, the female answer is, "Buy the giant, pretty diamond, because she's gonna want that honeymoon, too!".

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